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Model Hobby 2008 News


We are proud to announce you, that we have a several new models, which we are prepared for you for this year. We extended our production, and you can choose from 5 new models from the World War I series:

  • Foker D VII
  • Foker Dr.1
  • Neuiport
  • SE5
  • Sopwith Camel

Another newie is JAK-55.


We are stil working to make our website better. If you experience some troubles or problems contact us, please .

Custom products

  • custom EPP products
  • milling
  • model developement

Contact us on or by phone +420 607 954 648.

UV Print

With increasing demands to graphic layout of models we bought UV large-screen printing machine, which permit printing on tabular, but also on other materials. More information about printing machine and about services which we offer you will find here.

UV tisk


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